Utilising loyalty to empower healthy lifestyles

People – not to mention organizations – around the world now recognize that living a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to maintaining productivity as professionals. That’s why Loylogic has partnered with Dacadoo to make a positive, incentivized difference to the health and wellbeing of people everywhere.

Dacadoo, a Swiss based enterprise, has created a personalized health and wellbeing mobile app that encourages people to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. Dacadoo has its own reward system within its Health Score platform, which allows its corporate customers to define and manage diverse types of incentives that can be used to motivate users to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Loylogic partnered with Dacadoo to support its new loyalty program for the health and insurance industry.

Applying the principles of customer loyalty to healthcare is a developing field and its one of the most exciting growth areas in the loyalty industry.

This interview, which first appeared in The Wise Marketer, features Manuel Heuer, COO of Dacadoo, and Dominic Hofer, CEO of Loylogic, in a “healthy” discussion about how the two organizations have partnered to help people build a better life.

In this interview, which can be viewed in full by clicking here, Manuel and Dominic discuss:

  • The challenges of loyalty marketing in the health and wellbeing space and creating lasting change
  • How healthcare loyalty engagement and behavior change is challenging the usual context of loyalty marketing, which tends to be focused on transactional behaviors.
  • Why the influence of behavioral psychology is key to finding success in this area of business
  • Behavioral concepts including the “loss or gain framed”.

Dacadoo is a partner in Loylogic’s INLEAGUE loyalty and rewards channel partner program that brings together the best service and solution providers in the loyalty marketing and rewards industry. To find out more about INLEAGUE click here to head to our partner page.



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