The Power of Marketplace: Leveraging Brands2Communities to Incentivize Engagement

One of the most hotly anticipated sessions at Loylogic LIVE 2024, was the discussion that centred around the power of marketplace and how loyalty programs can leverage the Brands2Communities strategy discussed earlier in the event to incentivize engagement.

For this session, Loylogic’s Emma Shakespeare and Ahmad Oneissi delved into the strategy of using incentives to enhance consumer engagement and foster enduring loyalty. The pair used examples from Loylogic’s incentives marketplace to show how a wide-ranging reward catalog can give consumers the power of choice and boost loyalty, while optimizing incentive costs for programs.

Further key talking points from the session included the need for personalization, why data is so important to loyalty program success and the trends that are impacting global marketplace engagement, including brand relationships with communities of loyal customers, sustainability and high customer expectations.

Find out more in our video from Loylogic LIVE here:

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