Loylogic appoints Amit Bendre as Chief Operating Officer

Loylogic, a global leader in loyalty and rewards engagement, has appointed Amit Bendre as its Chief Operating Officer (COO).

With a remarkable 13-year tenure at Loylogic, Amit has showcased exceptional leadership in pivotal domains such as product management, project management, technology, and operations. His extensive experience uniquely positions him to drive operational efficiency and maintain high client service standards as COO.

Amit's strategic vision aims to streamline operations and optimize efficiency across Loylogic's spectrum. By leveraging talent, refining processes, and embracing automation, he is poised to spearhead Loylogic's ambitious Brands2Communities growth strategy. This strategy seeks to foster direct relationships between 1,000 brands and over 100 million loyalty program members, driving significant revenues for partner brands.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the role, Amit said: "Serving as COO at Loylogic represents the culmination of my professional journey. I am dedicated to leveraging my insights and industry knowledge to cultivate an operationally superior organization known for its innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

"In my capacity as COO, my primary focus is to harmonize teams and optimize the delivery of Loylogic's groundbreaking solutions. Central to our transformation is the adoption of process-driven methodologies, empowering teams with shared expertise and decentralized knowledge."

Gabi Kool, CEO of Loylogic, commended Amit's appointment, highlighting his pivotal role in shaping Loylogic's flagship solutions and his esteemed reputation among clients and colleagues.

"Loylogic remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions in the loyalty and rewards domain. Amit's expertise in technology, product development, and operations will fortify our position as industry leaders, driving innovation and excellence."



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