Embedded Loyalty meets Embedded Payments as Pointspay Goes Live with Adyen

Pointspay has announced that it has integrated with Adyen, a leading financial technology platform renowned for its comprehensive embedded payment capabilities.

The addition of Adyen enhances the experience offered by Pointspay for participating online shops and loyalty programs, adding Pointspay’s embedded loyalty expertise to Adyen’s embedded payments technology in a single solution.

The collaboration comes as Pointspay continues to expand Flying Blue+,the first of its kind MarPay™ solution that enables members of the popular Flying Blue frequent flyer programme in the Netherlands to earn and spend miles in real-time at a wide range of online shops.

By combining Adyen’s embedded payment solution with Pointspay’s embedded loyalty technology, shoppers in the Netherlands can now also pay the cash portion of their Flying Blue+ payments using iDeal – the most popular cash payment method among Dutch online shoppers. This also means participating online shops benefit from faster, automated payouts.

As Pointspay continues to grow, this partnership aims to introduce more local payment methods similar to iDeal in new regions, including an upcoming rollout in France as part of Flying Blue+ and across the Nordics in collaboration with SAS EuroBonus.

Commenting on the partnership, Lansy Joseph, Pointspay’s Chief Product Officer said: “This collaboration between Pointspay and Adyen marks a milestone for both partners as well as the fintech and loyalty sectors overall, bringing together the pioneers of embedded payments and embedded loyalty together in one platform for the very first time! I’m certain our partnership adds value to new merchants we bring on to the platform as well as those already processing with Adyen.”

Emily Speckter, Enterprise Sales Manager at Adyen added: “We are excited to partner with Pointspay on this innovative venture. By integrating our advanced payment solutions with Pointspay’s embedded loyalty platform, we are setting a new standard for seamless and efficient performance marketing in e-commerce.

“This partnership not only enhances the shopping experience for consumers, but also helps merchants tap into the community of loyal frequent flyers, acquire new customers, retain existing customers and increase share of wallet. We look forward to seeing the transformative impact of our combined efforts in the Netherlands and beyond.”

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